Subcontract Sheet Metal Services

A small selection of some of our previous projects can be found below. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with your requirements.

Stainless Steel Planters

These planters are produced by Dalby Sheetmetal in high grade grained stainless steel for durability and longevity. The planter is also fitted with a unique but simplistic and economical lug developed by Dalby on its top perimeter to prevent damage from skateboarding.

These planters can be seen in many prestigious locations around the UK, including the London Eye.

Hanging Baskets

These hanging basket brackets were developed for a client who sells to many councils throughout the UK.

Originally sourced from China, Dalby Sheetmetal worked with our client to develop a competitively priced, UK manufactured bracket giving the benefit of a lower part price and the ability for the client to reduce their stock holding by ordering in smaller batches.

Point of Sale Shelving

Dalby Sheetmetal supplies a number of the largest retailers in the UK with point of sale shelving and racking.

The shelving unit shown in this photo demonstrates some of the column, racking, shelving systems and personalisation designs that Dalby Sheetmetal has supplied to our clients in various designs and sizes ranging from 1 to 50 meters.

Shelving Brackets

Dalby Sheetmetal are happy to undertake work from the simplest laser cut bracket to complicated fabrications.

These shelving bracket are supplied in batches ranging from 2-10,000 to many major retailer across the UK and Europe.

Support Unit

This support unit is manufactured for a client that supplies luggage handling systems to major airports through the world. This complex, fabricated item is supplied in a variety of lengths with tolerances as low as 0.1mm.

Water Tank Support Frame

This water tank support frame is manufactured, painted and assembled by Dalby Sheetmetal and distributed to a major caravan manufacturer as a ‘drop in’ unit.

The frames are supplied in either a powder coat finish or galvanised for durability.

Multipurpose Adjustable Bracket

This multipurpose adjustable bracket is supplied to the Electronics & Communications industry.

Following fabrication and zinc passivation, Dalby Sheetmetal assemble and package the brackets into pairs to enable our client to stock the brackets ready for immediate despatch.

Batch quantities of this bracket vary between 50 & 1000 depending on the client's requirements.

Electrical Back Box

This electrical back box was originally designed by our client to fulfil a large gap in the industrial market.

Dalby Sheetmetal worked with our client to develop lower cost manufacturing techniques. A small investment in specialist tooling developed by ourselves provided the client with a 22% saving on their annual spend.

Tables and Lockers

Manufactured in various dimensions and painted in colour schemes to suit the client's requirements.

Supplied in quantities ranging from 30-3000.